Girls are the blessing of the creator. It’s not an easy job to be a girl in this sexist world as you know hypocrites are everywhere to judge a girl. This world is always ready to show a girl down. Love thyself girls. You are precious. A girl is witty, courageous, confident and pretty as well as. Each girl is pretty from within. Every girl has some rule about their life, about them. Girls have their own view of life, her own quotes to guide herself in the judgmental society. So girl, if you want to rediscover about your own self then this is for you. Here are some About me Quotes for the pretty Mademoiselles who need to find herself again to revive her world.

About Me Quotes For Girls

Imperfection is beauty, girl. I know I am imperfect and I am not at all ashamed of the fact. I am just like a perfect imperfect soul.

I am a girl. I am the amazing creation of the Almighty. I know how be kind and strong at the same time. So think twice before hurting a girl like me.

I am sunshine; I am the vibe of positivity. I am a girl and I enlighten up my world through my positive thinking.

In my life, I am the ruler. Yes I can be crazy, I can be moody sometimes too. I am a girl and the way of life has never been easy for me.


Do you know what we girls actually are? We are classy and fabulous. We girls have purity of heart.

Remember what Cinderella said? “Have courage and be kind”. Every girl has a Cinderella inside her.

A girl always leaves a little sparkle of her wherever she goes. Girls are majestic and their majestic sparkle spreads a spell of positivity.

A girl is the queen of her kingdom. Never try to break a queen’s confident in her very own kingdom. Who knows you will get some broken teeth as a return gift!


A girl can be fat, a girl can be skinny, a girl can have outrageous beauty but a true girly soul will inspire and complement all girls because she knows beauty comes from the soul.

I am a girl. I am full with determination and strength. You are not allowed to write my story because a girl is the author of her life.

I am not an open book to the world. I am a generous woman who loves herself. Never try to break my confidence by judging me. The reason is I’m not a book which are you reading.

A girl represents the whole world, the whole nature. Girl do you know what our beloved nature is called? “Mother nature”. See, the whole world respects a girl by showering such honor. Girls are blessings. Love yourself girls.


A girl is pretty, a girl is courageous, a girl is someone who loves the world just she loves herself. A girl knows how to prove herself towards the world. These quotations are just some key features of a girl’s soul. A girl herself is much more than your imagination.