About Me Quotes for Instagram : Technology and social media covers a huge part of our life now a day. Among all of these social networking sites Instagram is very famous. It can be called a new trend to upload your photos In Instagram and adding catchy captions in your funny selfies to let people know your attractive persona. It depends totally up to you how you want to present yourself in front of your followers. Everybody wants some good image, aspiring compliments. Some about me Quotes for Instagram may help you to make your selfie captions more eye-catching and trendy. You are perfect but guidance makes one more flawless. If you are an Instagram lover, than this article About Me Quotes for Instagram is dedicated to you. Hope this will help you to create your new sort of attitude. You can chose any one from these awesome quotations in your Instagram. So go through these quotations. Who knows you may amaze your followers by using these.

I love myself and this love helps me to ride the staircases of success.

I love hash tags. Do you know why? Because they look like waffles.

Beautiful things never seek for attention. Just bloom naturally.

I find happiness in the simple things. Complexity was never my cup of tea.

I don’t believe in fate. I create me own fate.


It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than being boring. Sanity never was the best option for finding your true self.

Each of us is imperfect. Just admit your imperfection and be the ruler of your realm.

You tell me the sky is the limit? There are footprints in the moon. So, my limit is actually infinite.

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I am a very limited edition. I live, love and laugh.


Let me give you an advice. Before you are judging me, make sure that you are the perfect one.

The best way to dream for the perfect future is to create it. We get only one chance to live. So make it the coolest one.

I’m not self obsessed. I just love myself.


You know what makes person great? Loyalty and kindness. My motto is to be kind and be loyal.

I always shoot for the moon so I can at least catch the stars.

I am a free bird. I rule my own.

You can’t deny new trends. It’s a crucial part of our living. Instagram is a platform for you to let people know about your amazing capability and attractive persona. These quotes are wholeheartedly meant only for you. Hope it will help you a bit.