Fun is a blessing from god. Fun helps us to ease our sufferings. If you are funny, than it becomes easier for you to face the burdens of life. There is a funny saying that if life gives you lemons then make lemonades. So no matter what life is planning for you, be funny and face it with a smile. The person who makes fun of themselves is the craziest human beings. It’s a very good quality to make fun of yourself. If you can admire yourself as a funny person then there are very less chance of being offensive as well as aggressive, making fun of yourself is the best sense of humor a person can adopt. Fun sweeps away your burdens like a magic wind. Here are some funny quotes about me. I hope this funny about me quotes will help you to brighten up your day. A funny quote can turn the gloominess of your mind into a vibrant rainbow. So let these quotes enlighten up your day.

Funny about Me Quotes

You don’t know me! Then I must say you are missing my awesomeness. Don’t let yourself miss such opportunity.

You think I am shy? Of course not! I just don’t want to intimidate you by my gorgeous persona.

I wonder how lucky my would be husband is! Guess what! He is going to have the perfect partner for life.


Am I getting on your nerves? Then I must have to say your nervous system is very fragile. You should check up to get my wittiness.

I am a grown up but I have never let diminish the child inside me. And you think I am immature. Then let it be because immaturity has its perks of benefits and that’s brings fun in my life.

To me, an ego is never an amigo. Be my amigo and enjoy the crazy fun of life.

I am such a celebrity. I never realized it before I noticed people started talking about me.


I guess my friends are just jealous of my amazing voice. Whenever I start singing then force me to stop or run away. They think I’m stealing their thunders. Poor souls!

I thing I am allergic to office. Whenever I enter I start feeling dizzy. Do you feel the same?

Life is too short to be boring. Meet with me and you will discover how much amazing I am. Don’t be bored. I am the golden opportunity to turn your grayish life into a rainbow.


You know what? Life is beautiful we only get one chance to live. So there’s literally no room for sorrows and sadness. Live fully, enjoy every bit and be awesome. Hope these Funny about Me Quotes will help you to smile because the power of fun will never fail to amuse you. Happy reading.