You must have heard that – “First impression is the last impression”. This proverb is truer for social media than our real world. Social networking sites are very crucial part of our life. In social media our bio works as our impression. Facebook, Instagram each of the social media requires bio to let people know about you more authentically. Whenever a person stumbles on your account, he/she will check your bio. So you must know the priority and value of Good quotes to put in your bio. It’s extremely important to have a good bio. All of us are not so creative or we sometimes feel the scarcity of putting proper words in our bio. To deal with this, here are some good quotes to put in your bio. These quotes to put in your bio will help you to find the proper bio for you. Our collection of bios will make your Instagram accounts stand out in the ever-growing crowd.

Good quotes to put in your bio

I love to keep my attitudes and heels high.

The only person in the Instagram who doesn’t want to show off.

Life is too short. Keep smiling until you lose your teeth.

You know what? Every individual person is beautiful because God never creates any mistakes.


Hey! Never forget to smile. Your smile can make someone’s day.

I don’t dream when I sleep. I dream keeping my eyes open so I can fulfill them.

Are you tensed because opportunities are not knocking? Just built a door for it.

Winning is not everything. There must be a zing for win. That zing takes you to the highest pick of success.


Stay classy and dress well because it’s important.

People are talking behind your back? Be happy because you are in front of them.

Have you noticed the weird fact? Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die!

The best of me is yet to come.

Words can’t express my love for weekends.


Life is harsh and sleep is the best remedy to deal with this harsh reality.

Just leave your sparkles wherever you go. You are magical.

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We know the importance of social media in your life. You can easily add these bios to your Instagram and face book. Hope these bios will help you to present yourself more smartly towards the world.