You and me, these words can describe our entire existence. Isn’t it surprising how a person becomes our entire world, an integral part of our entire existence? A perfect companion, a soul mate makes your life just like a fairy tale. No one can leave alone. A companion is needed to share special moments of your life, sorrows and sufferings, happiness and bliss. After a bad day when you two have coffee time than you can easily ease your unwanted sorrows and takes a sip of love from the special moment. Some quotes about “You and Me” can help you to revitalize your blissful moments spent with your partner. We know you have no scarcity of love between you but this “You and Me” quotes are dedicated for loving couples like you, for our about me quotes site readers. Here are some Quotes about You and Me to celebrate the purity of love of every human being. A war cheers to those loving couples.

You mean the world to me. Your presence enlightens my whole existence.

Do you what emptiness is? It’s your absence. I wonder how you became such integral part of my whole existence.

I love you entirely. All of your edges, imperfections have never distracted me from loving your soul.

You were there when I was losing my confidence, my strength. You became my strength; you showed me a new meaning of life.


We are changing, forever. Rediscover yourself in me and I’ll always find my existence in your eyes.

I can see you thousand times but it won’t satisfy me. There will always a will to see you again. It’s because the magic of love won’t let us fall apart.

You said so easily that there are no strings attached between us. Then why my foolish incidents still make you smile?

You complete me. It’s not entirely true. But yes you are such a part without which my life will be upside down.

You are just like the cheese on my pizza.

You are an addiction. An addiction that I never want to shed away.


You are just like the stormy summer days. I can also call you those cozy winter nights. You are just my very own comfort zone.

Being with you is all I want.

You and I are a pretty cool team. As long as we are together nothing can let us down.

You are the best gift of y life. God knows the best and he has given me my soul mate.

We are like to jellybeans sweetly conspired to be trapped in candy store known as life.

I am amazed by the fact that how much sweet our relationship is. There is no place for extra sweetener.

I just want you to be with you, being with you has become favorite hobby.


Relationships are the sweetest things that can ever happen to anyone. When I find our soul mates then our world surrounds only to them. A partner, a soul mate, a real companion is everything that you can ever desire for. Hope these quotes will help you revive and rejuvenate your memories and relationship with your soul partner.