Every person is precious. Each and every human being is gifted. There are some specialties in each of us. You have to know about yourself at first. About Me Quotes help you to explore yourself in a totally new way. Sometimes we are so obsessed with the outer world that we totally forget to evaluate ourselves. Little bit we give attention to us. There are judgments, complications in our life but the good fact is no one can love us better than ourselves. You are the ruler of your life. You know yourself more than anyone else. So rule your kingdom which is yourself. All the days are not same. There are some gloomy, grayish days in our life and consequently there are bright sunny days too. No matter however the situation is if you love yourself then nothing can let you down. “Short quotes about me” will help you to find yourself in this busy world. Read these about me quotes. Trust me these quotes reflects your persona. So let’s take a dive in these about me quotes.

Short Quotes About Me

1. I am not like those boring Monday mornings. I am just like those stormy, sunny days.

2. Attitude and class will always be my first preference.

3. I don’t discriminate in classicism but never bound me to judge you by showing me your cheap mentality.

4. Life is beautiful so live, laugh and love.

5. Every incident in my life creates me.

6. I always try to make my today better than yesterday. Without change there is no reason of living.

7. I am the happiest when I am just myself.

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8. Negativity is nothing but an ugly reality. I am allergic to the negative vibes.

9. I try to find myself while life puts me down.

10. I never give up on being an honest person. I am greedy for the rewards of honesty.

11. My motto is to love myself. I love myself to the moon and back.

12. I have been loved and hated for being myself but I never gave up.

13. I learn from every mistake if my life. Without learning there is no progress.

14. Life is full of happiness and I just discovered my very own happiness.

15. I never let the world push myself down. I believe that I am enough to hold myself back.

Each of us faces the hardship and struggles of life. Maybe your’s struggle is different from mine but we are surviving through a lot of fighting. The reason is only to live a better life. Never let yourself shed away to cope up with the mainstream society. You are very precious. Hope these short quotes about me would help you to rediscover and cherish yourself. This is nothing but a little approach to make you feel better.