This article is about presenting yourself in social networking sites. As we all know how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and other social sites are taking important places in our life gradually. Our facebook status is literally very important for us. We post statuses to tell people about ourselves, our feelings. We post funny statuses to let people know our sarcastic, funny side. As well as our Whatsapp status represents our personality to our friends and acquaintances. Your status should be catchy, full of humor and classy. You have to play with words to make your status more attractive. Status about me and myself helps to give you a thorough idea of how we can present about ourselves in these social sites. Here are some “status about me and myself quotes” to give about some out of box ideas to put in your Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Googleplus, Instagram and etc.

Status about me and myself

I am a fairy tale, written in just different styles and languages.

I am not what you wanted me to be. I am the one who I have chosen to be.

Do you know how much funny am I? I am not sarcastic only when I am sleeping.

My level of sarcasm is too damn high than your comprehending power and I am not at all sorry for that.


I am not a dessert so that I can make everyone happy. If you don’t like e then you are allowed to unfollow.

I am that happy- go –lucky person who finds happiness in the simplest things.

I try until I fail. Trying never breaks your heart.

Indeed I am a queen, because I know how to rule my very own kingdom.

I must say your nerves are very weak. You are unable to get my adventurous soul.


I dress not to impress you. I dress up to impress myself.

I am good but I am not an angel. I do mistakes but I am not a devil. I am just a human being with a mixture of both – good and bad.

I just love being me. The cozy evenings, cup of coffee, good music and a good book can give me the enormous bliss.

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You can never be me. I am a very limited edition with a packet full of awesomeness.

I can be both the crazy nightmare to the sunny morning shine. Your behavior would decide what I can be for you.


I am the queen of y life as I know how to rule y world.

Hope these Status about me and myself will help you while posting statuses on your social networking sites. Have a happy reading.